Apple Mac Memory Ram Upgrades Dublin

Apple Mac Memory Ram Upgrades Dublin

We offer a complete RAM (memory) upgrade service for your iMac, MacBook, MacMini or Mac Pro. For instance, we can upgrade your system from 4GB to 8GB, 8GB to 16GB or from 16GB to 32GB.

Our technicians carry quality DDR3 and DDR4 RAM SO-DIMM RAM modules with clock speeds of between 1600Mhz and 2666Mhz.

We commonly perform RAM upgrades on systems such as:

  • iMac late 2012 (A1418)

  • iMac early 2013 (A1419)

  • iMac late 2013 (A1418, A1419) 2.7Ghz Intel i5

  • iMac mid 2014 (A1418)

  • iMac late 2015 (A1418)

  • iMac late 2015 (A1418)

  • iMac mid 2017 (A1418, A1419 5K Retina)


  • MacBook Pro (A1278)

  • MacBook Pro (A1398)

  • MacBook Pro (A1425)

  • MacBook Pro Retina (A1502)

  • MacBook Pro (A1708)

  • MacBook Pro (A1706)

  • MacBook Pro (A1707)

Freshly installed RAM (2 x 8GB) on iMac logicboard

Freshly installed RAM (2 x 8GB) on iMac logicboard

Frequently Asked Questions about RAM (memory) upgrades on Mac

How do I find out how much memory my Mac has?

Go to the top left-hand corner of your MacOS desktop and click on the Apple icon. Then select “About this Mac”. Memory is listed as the third specification.

How do I find out how much memory my Mac has?

What is the difference between a memory upgrade and a hard drive upgrade?

Unfortunately, the term “memory” is often confused with hard disk storage capacity. Technically speaking, memory is RAM and NOT hard disk storage. Upgrading the RAM in your iMac or MacBook means it will be able to run applications faster and more smoothly. For years, RAM upgrades have offered the greatest return on upgrade investments. However, since SSDs (solid state disks) have become more affordable, they constitute a great investment for your Mac. In fact, SSDs are probably the greatest revolution in consumer laptop and desktop computing in the last 10 years. They’ve helped put an end to slow MacOS boot-up times, slow operating system problems caused by disk latency and due to their super-fast caching, they are a perfect complement to fast broadband connections.

Who makes the best RAM for Mac?

Crucial, Samsung, Kingston and SK Hynix all make quality RAM modules which are compatible with iMacs, MacBooks and Mac Minis.

Does it matter what brand of RAM I buy?

In a word, yes! A RAM stick (or module) is comprised of several DRAM flash chips. Truth be told, some RAM manufacturers are not that fussy about what type of DRAM chips they use. Unfortunately, these can be the very same RAM modules that will let you down and can cause stability issues such as “kernel panics” on your Mac. RAM from reputable manufacturers (such as those listed above) generally uses high-quality DRAM chips and has undergone stringent quality control.

What does the “L” beside “DDR4L” stand for?

The “L” stands for “Low Voltage”. A RAM module of this type will use 1.35V as opposed to 1.5V.

I’m about to buy RAM to upgrade my iMac. Should I buy the 1.5V modules or 1.35V modules?

As a rule of thumb, iMacs and MacBooks use 1.5V memory modules whilst MacBook Airs tend to use 1.35V. But, please check your logicboard’s specification before purchase as Apple don’t always stick to this rule!

Can my MacBook Pro be upgraded with more RAM?

Most pre-2015 MacBook Pros can be upgraded with more RAM. However, some models brought out after 2016 cannot be upgraded with additional RAM because the factory-installed modules are soldered on.

What is the maximum amount of RAM I can put in my 21.5” iMac (late 2013)?

Late-2013 21.5” iMacs can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM.

What is the maximum amount of RAM I can put in my 27” iMac (late 2013)?

The maximum amount of memory which can be installed on your 27” iMac is 32GB.

I’ve installed new RAM in my iMac, but now my system is beeping and not booting up when I turn it on?

The new RAM you bought could be defective or it could be the wrong speed or voltage. If it’s the latter scenario, try to get a RAM module which matches the original one. For example, if the original modules are PC3-12800 and you insert a PC3-10600 module – it will not be compatible!