Hard Drive Repair /Replacement

Non-Starting Macs

Nothing can be more frustrating for a user to turn on their Mac only to find that it will not boot-up. Instead of accessing Finder (the desktop), you see a grey or blue screen or an icon of a flashing question mark or worst of all your computer will not power up.

Icon of Broken Folder or “No” Sign

This indicates that your Mac cannot find an operating system. This may be indicative of disk problems.

Empty Blue or Grey Screen

Commonly caused by disk / permission problems, third party software and occasional hardware issues.

Totally Black Screen and No Sound

Your problem could be caused by power issues, a dead motherboard battery, defective RAM or other hardware issues.

Hard Drive Replacement / Repair

The hard drive is one of the most important components inside your Mac. It contains all your personal data files and application software. While it is the most important component, unfortunately it is also the component most likely to fail. While other components can fail without any data loss, if your hard drive fails, you risk losing some or all of your data. That is why having a healthy optimised hard drive is essential.

Keyboard Repair


Keyboard problems we resolve include:

  • Keys wrongly mapped e.g. pressing key(s) does not produce character on screen as depicted on actual key.
  • Physically broken keyboards.
  • Wireless connection problems between Mac and keyboard.

Screen Repair

Is your screen faded or gone very dark?

Is your screen physically cracked?

We repair cracked or broken screens on Macbooks and iPad and offer a complete backlight repair service.

Trackpad Repair

Trackpad Repair

The integrated trackpad of Apple Mac laptops means easy and concise navigation around your screen. However, when the trackpad becomes non-responsive or shows erratic behaviour it can become a real annoyance to the user.

We help with these issues:

  • Your trackpad is not responding at all.

  • Your trackpad freezes for no apparent reason.

  • Your trackpad behaves erratically only when operating on battery power.

  • Your trackpad has incurred physical damage.

Overheating Macs / Fan Failure

Overheating Macs / Fan Failure

When your Mac fan fails, you system overheats and you risk your processor getting “burnt out”. We install and replace fans for your Macbook, MacBook Pro, G5, Powermac or iMac.

Common Symptoms of Fan Failure include:

  • The base of your Macbook is abnormally hot to touch.

  • “Revving” noises coming from your system.

  • Your Mac is shutting down for no apparent reason.

Mac Upgrades

Hard Drive Upgrades

Your hard drive is your central storage area for your Mac. It is important to have a hard drive that suits your needs. When you first bought your Mac you probably thought its hard drive capacity was ample. However, when you start downloading applications, music, movies and other large files hard drives can fill up quickly.

If you feel your hard drive is running out of space or you simply need extra storage space, we can install a higher capacity drive for you.

Memory Upgrades / RAM upgrades

While a hard drive is used for long-term storage of data, RAM is used to store data temporarily while your computer is on. Therefore, the amount of memory or RAM you have installed in your system will determine its performance. More memory enables Macs to run programs faster and more efficiently and to run multiple programs at the same time.