Mac Has Slow and Laggy Performance

Mac Has Slow and Laggy Performance

So, your once fast iMac or Macbook Pro is now really slow and laggy. You probably want to improve the performance of your Mac to get your work done quicker and bring the joy back to using it again! Symptoms of a slow operating system include:

  • Slow Boot times.

  • Excel runs slow on your iMac

  • Using Chrome is slow and causes a “spinning wheel” to appear

  • Outlook “beachballs”

  • Apps in the Dock keep bouncing

  • Lightroom freezes

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC freezes

  • Safari or Chrome frequently shows a spinning cursor

  • Shutdown times are slow

  • Your hard disk is running out of space.

How to fix a sluggish Mac?

How to fix a sluggish Mac?

  • Use a utility such as Daisy Disk to find out what is taking up your Mac’s hard disk space.

  • Use Activity Monitor to check out what might be causing a bottleneck on your Mac.

  • Check your iMac, MacBook or Mac Mini for signs of overheating.

Unfortunately, recent versions of MacOS such as High Sierra (10.13) and Mojave (10.14) don’t play well with older-type rotating HDDs. If there are no underlying issues, sometimes the best option is to upgrade your Mac’s storage to SSD